Digital Fix Open Lab on Thursday, Dec. 1st!

Need help with technology? Call (765)855-5223 to sign up for a FREE HOUR of professional tech support at the Centerville Public Library any time between 1-7pm Thursday, Dec. 1st. LAST DAY to sign up!


Centerville’s Past Keeps the Future Alive!

What an exciting day filled with talented artists, wonderful music, warm apple dumplings, and lots of great memories. A big thank you goes out to Centerville Little Shebas, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, the Richmond Art Museum, and of course, the Magaws of Boston, for making it all possible.

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“Movies, Music, Magaws, and More!” on Saturday, Nov. 5th!

Join us right here at the Centerville Public Library Saturday, Nov. 5th from 2-4pm to see restored 16 mm movies from the 1930’s and 40’s taken right here in Wayne County! Plus, listen to live music from the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and look at the art show and sale of sculpture and jewelry by internationally known artists the Magaws of Boston! You can also look at a display of paintings and pottery by Centerville’s finest artists, on loan from the Richmond Art Museum. Then, finish out the night with a Jody’s apple dumpling, provided by Little Sheba’s of Centerville in honor of Jody’s Restaurant, a Centerville landmark for 40 years!



The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio start this week! Can you believe it? So many hopes, dreams, and accomplishments on display! GO TEAM USA!!!

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